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NTN Individual Services

Learner-Centered Practices

New Tech Network’s three Learner-Centered Practices workshops offer educators a deep dive into unique aspects of schooling: assessment, culture, and instruction. Led by an NTN coach or expert facilitator and designed as standalone workshops or packaged together, the Learner-Centered Practices workshops provide essential implementation supports for learner-centered instruction and equip teachers with best practices to create meaningful and equitable learning environments. Audience: Groups engaging in Learner-Centered Practices workshops can vary: a small group of teachers, a department, a grade level, a PLC, or an entire staff.

Learner-Centered Assessment Practices

Integrating equitable assessment practices for inquiry-based teaching can be challenging. This workshop supports educators in developing purposeful assessments seamlessly integrated into their instruction design, and allows prompt feedback for students. Focused on fostering student growth in content knowledge and developing essential skills like collaboration and communication, educators gain access to effective tools and resources that will improve their classroom assessment practices.

Two days • Up to 35 participants • Onsite: $10,800 • Virtual: $6,700

Learner-Centered Instructional Practices

Creating engaging and effective classroom strategies for academic learning and student growth can be challenging. NTN’s extensive experience in providing support to classroom educators includes access to a robust set of tools and resources. This workshop imparts learner-centered instructional strategies that will enable educators to seamlessly integrate academic content with essential skills development (such as communication and collaboration). Participants will develop the capacity to create meaningful and equitable student-centered lessons aligned with both content standards and non-academic learning outcomes.

Two days • Up to 35 participants • Onsite: $10,800 • Virtual: $6,700

Learner-Centered Classroom Culture Practices

Backed by extensive research that demonstrates highly effective schools have established relationship-rich cultures that focus on fostering connections and a strong sense of belonging for students and adults. NTN has the expertise to help you adopt intentional and thoughtful designs to create and sustain supportive and inclusive classroom culture. This workshop enables teachers to better understand their classroom practices and develop ways to integrate proven learning protocols designed to cultivate a rich, safe, and inclusive learning environment.

One day • Up to 35 participants • Onsite: $8,500 • Virtual: $4,300

These services include access to digital versions of the NTN Practices Cards Sample Set and NTN PrBL Cards (digital only). To purchase a hard copy version of the full NTN Practices Cards deck, please visit

NTN Focus Areas Incorporated in the Learning-Centered Practices


Meaningful and Equitable Instruction


Supportive and Inclusive Culture


Purposeful Assessment

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