School and Leadership Support

The School and Leadership Support (SLS) support team is the primary provider of direct support to schools throughout the New Tech Network.  The work of the SLS team focuses on supporting the development of schools once their implementation begins through the provision of school coaching, leadership coaching and professional learning events.  Each of these supports are tailored to the needs of schools throughout all stages of their development as a New Tech school.


Jen Benkovitz, Director of School Leadership

Andrew Biros, School Development Coach

Kim Cawkwell, School Development Coach

Gaylen Brannon, School Development Coach

Allison De Young, School Development Coach

Jeff de Varona, School Development Coach

Jose Garcia, School Development Coach

Charlene Glassley, School Development Coach

Heather Hester, School Development Coach

Anna KinsellaSenior Director of School Coaching

Sarah Leiker, School Development Coach

Katrina Martinez, School Development Coach

Jim MayChief Schools Officer

Jodi Posadas, School Development Coach

Matt Thompson, School Development Coach

Brette Woessner,  School Development Coach

Dese Zuberi,  School Development Coach