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Foundational Practices for New Teachers

New teachers can struggle with applying their learning and skills to the reality of the classroom. The Foundational Practices for New Teachers workshop provides foundational support for new teachers across the biggest challenges they face in enacting learner-centered instruction, student engagement strategies, and relationship-rich classroom practices. Participants learn how to align designed, enacted, and experienced learning and grow their confidence in applying what they know in theory to what they do in practice.

Service Components:

  • One day onsite or virtual workshop
  • Up to 35 participants


Why Engage in this Learning:

This program is well-suited for schools and districts committed to creating a strong foundation in learner-centered instruction for new teachers. 

Foundational Practices for New Teachers is designed for new teachers or seasoned teachers who are new to learner-centered instruction or project-based learning. By the end of this workshop, teachers will:

  • Explore and apply NTN Learner-Centered Practices to classroom instruction
  • Collaboratively unpack a safe and inclusive classroom culture through the lens of the NTN Culture Practices
  • Plan and commit to a strategy to engage students in the classroom


Cost: Onsite: $8,500 • Virtual: $4,300

This service includes access to digital versions of the NTN Practices Cards Sample Set and NTN PrBL Cards (digital only). To purchase a hard copy version of the full NTN Practices Cards deck, please visit

NTN Focus Areas Incorporated in Foundational Practices for New Teachers


Supportive and Inclusive Culture


Meaningful and Equitable Instruction

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