Every School Journey is Unique

The challenges of educating students is just one of many obstacles schools and districts face. In evaluating the needs of a community, student demographics, socio-economic hardship, and parent engagement are all factors that are taken into account because they have a daily impact on educators. While one district may struggle with high poverty and low attendance rates, another may have little opportunity for engagement with partnerships or face technology and infrastructure issues.

Through our work in schools we believe deeper learning outcomes through project-based learning is the model that gives all students, regardless of their background or circumstances, an opportunity to reach their potential. When students are engaged, discipline issues decrease and attendance and engagement soar.

No student can be guaranteed success, but every student should have the same opportunity to succeed.

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As a large national network of schools, New Tech Network strives to address educational inequity by supporting the creation and development of schools that intentionally seek to close the opportunity gap. In doing so, the support of New Tech Network focuses on three key activities. First, the creation of inclusive and affirming school communities that actively welcome and assert the full humanity of each and every student. Second, we help teachers and leaders design instructional experiences that invite, engage, and support every student in complex thinking and problem-solving. Lastly, NTN schools ensure that educators design and assess learning around a broad set of outcomes that foster the intellectual and social development of all students. 

The New Tech Network model is designed to adapt to challenges facing districts across the nation. NTN supports communities and students through new schools, academies within schools, and school redesigns and adapt the model to the needs of rural, suburban, and urban schools by promoting a culture of equity for every student.