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Tools + Content + Community



Echo is a learning management system that supports project-based learning. It features an innovative gradebook that aligns to the deeper learning skills  students will need in college and career. Unique digital tools, vetted project exemplars, course starter sets, professional development, and access to a  community of educators committed to innovative practices are integrated to create a powerful platform to support student and adult learning.

What Is Echo?

A Platform for PBL and Deeper Learning

Echo is designed to support deeper, more personalized instructional strategies like project-based learning.

Tools + Content + Community

In addition to being a powerful LMS, Echo connects educators to the New Tech Network's content and community.

Assessment Like No Other

Echo’s gradebook and activity features are aligned to college and career readiness skills and change the way facilitators think about student assessment.

Advanced Differentiation and Personalization

As staff become comfortable with platform and as the school begins to adopt deeper learning practices, more advanced features can be switched on.

What Makes Echo Different?

Echo is more than a learning management system. Unlike a  typical LMS designed to support online learning or traditional, teacher-centric learning, Echo provides tools that are specifically aligned to support innovative teaching practices in brick-and-mortar schools. Echo is used in hundreds of classrooms implementing project-based learning, personalized learning, and high degrees of differentiation within the classroom.

Additional Echo Features

School Browser

School Browser tool gives all staff access to student performance information, course agendas, and course content.


“Heartbeat” tool allows teacher to quickly get a sense of how students are feeling about their performance in the course.


Allows teams to collaborate on curriculum development and share among peers.

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