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New Tech Network’s

College Access Network

In September 2019, New Tech Network (NTN) announced a new college access initiative supported by a Networks for School Improvement (NSI) grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). The NTN College Access Network partners with a diverse group of schools and districts to improve college access by leveraging continuous improvement practices. The multi-year initiative is focused on measurable improvements in well-matched postsecondary enrollment rates for Black, Latino, and low-income students at participating network schools.

Starting with three districts in Texas, the NTN College Access Network now partners with forty-nine schools in fifteen districts in Arkansas, Southern California, and Texas.

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The Network Promise

  • Increased college capacity
  • Increased continuous improvement capacity
  • Increased collaboration
  • Increased data analysis and collection capacity

Tailored Coaching

Personalized coaching designed to support a team’s project launch, investigation of the current system, exploration of best practice and research, and testing and studying of change ideas.

Collaborative Convenings

Triannual network events centered around collaboration, innovation, and equitable design.

Regular Data-Tracking and Study

Targeted support in collecting, tracking, and analyzing relevant, disaggregated college access data to assess impact and guide next steps.

Network Testimonials

The NTN College Access Network has provided our district with an effective framework for providing equitable access to postsecondary advising, opportunities and resources to the students who need it the most, but are most often underserved. More important, by using improvement science we have been able to increase the level of active participation and engagement of not only the students and families, but also the teachers and campus administrators who work with them daily. This level of focused activity has been the difference maker across all of our College Readiness program
Erica Hill
District Sponsor, Manor Independent School District
As an active participant in the New Tech Network’s College Access Network, my team and I have become more aware and are actively engaged in ensuring the success for all learners, especially those with disadvantages. Through these initiatives, we have had the opportunity to authentically engage our learners and their families to bridge the access gap. Using improvement science, we have intentionally formulated next steps to strengthen our continuous efforts towards equitable college access for our learners.
Gerardo Ramirez
Campus Principal, George H.W. Bush New Tech Odessa
The NTN College Access Network has emphasized an area of need for our students with eminent structure and positivity. Continuous improvement is necessary to ensure focused, student success, and NTN is dedicated to guiding our schools with endless opportunities that post-secondary settings can offer to help our students strive toward a greater future.
Jessica Rivera
College Readiness Teacher, Irvin High School

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