Continuous learning and improvement are key to attaining the outcomes we all want for students, yet professional development continues to be done in a silo – class by class, level by level and initiative by initiative.  At New Tech Network, we believe that change begins with leaders and teachers across the whole school. We create a journey that will address the needs of every adult learner and provide a path that is attainable and sustainable.

Teacher Pathways

Through the New Tech Network model, teachers rediscover their passion and creativity. Professional Learning at PL@NTN offers a personalized system of learning opportunities which allows educators to  learn at their own pace, focus on their needs and interests, and connect with others – all with convenience of a virtual model.

Through convenings, national events, virtual workshops and badging, PL@NTN provides a path for lifelong learning.

About Badging

The New Tech Network (NTN) badging process is at the core of our professional development. In the same way that we encourage and teach our students to have power over their own learning, the badging process allows teachers to do the same.

This professional development best-practice was developed to be manageable for teachers and help them to

refine and perfect their PBL skills with the goal of providing each student with deeper learning outcomes. Each badge accomplishment represents an element of high quality PBL and includes a description of the practice, tools, and resources developed by NTN, and Network teachers.

Leadership Development

NTN believes quality leadership is a function, not a position, and is essential to the success of any school. Formal leadership development work allows school leaders to build the capacity to implement NTN design principles with fidelity, increase personal agency and efficacy in leading change, and build a district’s ability to affect lasting change in their communities. The leadership program is grounded in theories of adaptive leadership and learning organizations.

District Supports

In NTN schools, success is built on the capacity of the system. Schools are most effective when the organizational environment is designed to promote individual and collective learning and improvement. The nature of NTN’s support helps  build the capacity of district leadership to initiate and sustain school improvement. NTN provides district-level services that focus on developing school leaders, aligning and coordinating systems and structures, and developing and sustaining a professional adult learning culture.