Yuletide Celebrated on ‘Gereau Street’

December 26, 2017
The Franklin News Post

A new version of “Sesame Street” called “Gereau Street: ABCs and 123s” took center stage at the Gereau Center recently by the eighth grade New Tech EDIT (English and Digital Input Technologies) class.

About 35 preschoolers from the Y Land of Wonder Preschool, which is across the street, attended along with their teachers and director Hope Vaccaro.

During the one-and-a-half-hour program, the youngsters listened to stories, sang, danced, colored, and snacked. They were also treated to a visit by Santa. They learned about the values of giving, sharing, caring and acceptance.

New Tech at Gereau is a project-based learning academy where students learn and develop the skills required for success by solving complex problems through critical thinking, collaboration and communication with their peers.

The New Tech students were responsible for the entire event. They wrote the script (and memorized much of it), crafted the set and props, played musical instruments, and filmed the production. They made sure there was audience participation and even led the little ones in the YMCA song.

Preschool director Vaccaro offered praise for the program. “We all thought it was wonderful and could tell it took a lot of thought and creativity.  We appreciated the students keeping it age appropriate. Very nicely done. A lot of thought and preparation went into the program. It was terrific.  The kids loved it and liked how it was done by students instead of adults. They also enjoyed Santa. The program was not only educational, but it shared good values.”

Darnell Moore and Tina Arrington are the New Tech EDIT teachers. Arrington commented on how much growth the students have shown since the beginning of the year: “The students were all very proud of themselves. I think they were even surprised by how well they did. They worked hard and it came off really well, considering they only had three weeks to pull it together.”

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