Project Spotlight-What’s Living in Your Swamp

May 22, 2018

A Best-in-Network 2018 Finalist


i3 Tech Academy @FPCHS

Teacher: Corinne Schaefer & Andrew Medearis

Course: BioLit and Game Design I and II

Grade: 9-12

Driving Question:

How can we learn about the ecosystems presented at the Alligator Farm to help create an interactive app so that we help the community learn about human impact on the environment? 

Project Snapshot

 This project combined the classes of BioLit (Biology and English) and Game Design which included the grade levels of 9th-12th grade to create an interactive scavenger hunt app. “What’s living in Your Swamp?” is an authentic project that connected students with the community, environment, and technology. Biology students at the i3 Academy developed content for an app game for the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. This app “scavenger hunt” style game for Alligator Farm patrons is used to explore and learn about the different ecosystems represented and environmental issues impacting animals today. 


Student Products

Students created an interactive scavenger hunt app (using Metaverse) for the Alligator Farm that would inform visitors and teach the world about the biology standards involving taxonomy, evolution, ecosystem interdependence, genetic drift, natural selection, and human impact.  The focus was on the impact of these topics on the environment and the endangered animals at the zoological park.

View the student-produced video below:



 Teacher Reflection

Teacher Corinne Schaefer describes standards, students products and the deep level of community and authenticity in this 2018 Best-in-Network Finalist project. 

Reviewer Reflection

“I like that this project had students partnering directly with the zoo.  This created a real sense of authenticity, and their ownership of the project was a direct result.  I also like that students were building an interactive experiment that would engage younger audiences–I can see younger kids having a blast while learning!”

More About the Project:

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