VWCS Board of Education discusses online learning

July 26, 2013

The Van Wert Board of Education approved a plan on Thursday that would make it easier for the school and students to make up for excessive calamity days.

Students and teachers all love having a fog or snow day during the school year but hate needing to make up extra days by attending school on scheduled holidays or after the end of the school calendar. Van Wert City Schools Technology Director John Butler explained to the board the system he has set up to allow the first three missed excessive days – the sixth, seventh and eighth missed days – to be made up by online assignments. Butler briefly described how teachers will create an assignment for each day per class after an excessive day is missed. Students will then be able to sign in to the same area where they can view their grades and the assignment will be available to them. The students will have two weeks to complete the assignment, in accordance with state regulations. If the student does not have home Internet access, they will be given the assignment on paper.