Train The Trainer

December 19, 2018

Train-the-Trainer General Information

● Applications are accepted between December 14 - April 1. Remember, you can apply without having completed the badges to become a certified teacher, but earning this designation is required for acceptance into the TtT program.

● You can access the application here: 

  • Trainers are able to work with their leadership team to assess the needs of teachers around core NTN practices (planning and facilitating PBL)
  • Trainers are able to craft a workshop agenda that supports collaborative, experiential, inquiry-oriented learning (utilizing appropriate protocols and activity structures)
  • Trainers are able to utilize the NTN Tools to increase teacher understanding and skill around core NTN practices.
  • Trainers are able to support individuals in their own growth within the workshop setting.
  • Trainers are able to put together a plan for on-boarding and supporting staff in lieu of NTN training.

● Designed to have you serve in the role of an NTN School Development Coach.

● Designed to have you serve in the role of an instructional coach.

● Designed to train you in administration of a school.

● A means for you to conduct formal evaluations of classroom teachers.

• Prior to NTAC you will participate in a few virtual learning sessions around April/May and June, to prepare for your experience at NTAC.

• After NTAC you will complete your final products - a school needs assessment and school workshop facilitation plan.

● The majority of your time will be spent in the Train-the-Trainer Track

● You will be able to attend all of the plenary sessions

● You will present for participants and new teachers, a specifically designed clinic on the last day of the conference

● You will not be able to be part of other tracks at NTAC or do your own session

● You will be working with other TtT participants during NTN 101 and NTAC

● You need to be available July 15-19, for the entire NTAC 2019 conference

● NTN Certified Teachers

● Must complete the badge pathway before applying (In Echo, enrollment code: ( wffd18 )

● Those who had talked with their director and gotten the OK

● Schools must provide lodging, transportation, evening meal, and NTAC fee (or use a slot from school contract) to participate.

● Director will work with participant to develop a plan for utilizing the trainer skill set during and upon completion of the program.

● Participants who have completed the application and identified a purpose aligned with the goals of the program.

● Participants who have registered for NTAC 2019.

● Schools who have never participated in TtT may have 2 participants, other network schools have one slot in the program.

● YES! The process is one that is great for learning and we take the best applicant from each school after consulting the director and school coach.

● If you aren't accepted after the first round, there is a good chance you will still be able to participate in the TtT track if someone is unable to go due to unforeseen circumstances (we will put together a waitlist and let you know!).

Who should I talk to if I have questions?