To Our NTN Teachers…

May 8, 2017

Dear New Tech Network Teachers,

There is no job more important than shaping and molding future generations. In today’s fast-paced world, now more than ever, we need teachers dedicated to providing authentic, deeper learning opportunities to ensure that students are prepared for success.

Our network of almost 200 schools is built upon a foundation of excellent, dedicated teachers who provide these opportunities to students. We are grateful for your commitment to learning, your hunger for improvement, and your creativity in the classroom.

From answering student pings at any o’clock to midnight meetings with your co-teachers, we appreciate every long day, supportive conversation and every after-hours session you spend with parents, students and community. You make a difference every day, and we are proud you are a part of our network.

This week and every week we are inspired. Thank you for all that you do! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


The New Tech Network Family