Tiptoeing into the waters of Deeper Learning

November 4, 2014

Often I see a wave of panic wash over participants who sit in PD trainings grounded in progressive teaching methods such as Deeper Learning. I hear the same feelings of angst when I talk to teacher about the implementation of Common Cores State Standards. Suddenly so much of what we know is foreign, and worse yet, thoroughly challenged or even rejected. Heifetz, Grashow,& Linsky describes the sensation that many individuals feel with a significant change, such as those in the current era of educational reform, as “loss”-new adaptions significantly displace, re-regulate and rearrange some old DNA” (Heifetz, Grashow,& Linsky 2009). In an effort to avoid these feelings of defeat, rather than jump into a completely new way of teaching and learning I encourage you to think about ways in which you can tiptoe your way into this paradigm shift. We can gracefully and quietly make our way into Deeper Learning by supporting one another through the following:

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