Thank You NTN Teachers!

May 6, 2019

New Tech Network teachers are a core part of the foundation of our network. Through your hard work and dedication, you positively impact the lives of students across our network every day. Thank you NTN Teachers! We honor you this week and every week. Please read below for personal notes of appreciation from our staff. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

“Thank you to all the inspirational teachers I know.  You are my everyday heroes! You make a difference to lives each and everyday.” – Kelley McKaig, Echo Curation Manager

“Talking with teachers, or visiting New Tech classrooms is always inspiring.  The way teachers empower students to learn and grow, and the ways they connect them with real world projects is nothing short of awesome.” – Beth Boesche-Taylor, Survey Manager

“I recently read this statement in a blog, ‘To Teach is to touch lives. To listen. To lift. To motivate. To compel. To inspire. To encourage. To enrich. And most of all, to teach is to use one’s life to make a difference.’ Teachers, thank you for all you do!” – Gaylen Brannon, School Development Coach

“The next generation of innovators, leaders, and pioneers are not just born. They are taught, guided, and inspired by teachers in every community. Thank you to each of you for tireless effort to give our students the best.” – Rachel Steingard, Project Manager

“While there’s no shortage of voices on the periphery speaking to how schools should be designed, teachers are deep in the actual work with the students, helping them build an understanding of themselves and the world around them. That ain’t easy, and it is so necessary. Thanks for all your efforts in support of developing young people!” – Matt Thompson, School Development Coach

“‘Every profession that attracts people for ‘reasons of the heart’ is a profession in which people and the work they do suffer from losing heart.’ (Parker Palmer, “The Courage to Teach”).

To all the teachers out there: Thank you for never losing heart. Or, if you do from time to time,  thank you for taking on the loving task of finding it again.” – Drew Schrader, Director of Assessment

“I would like to express extreme gratitude to the teachers in our network. There are so few teachers who take the time to reflect on their practice with the desire to increase the value of educational experiences for their students. You all are the true champions. Thank you!

Me gustaría expresar una gratitud extrema a los maestros en nuestra comunidad. Hay tan pocos maestros que se toman el tiempo para reflexionar sobre su práctica con el deseo de aumentar el valor de las experiencias educativas para sus estudiantes. Todos ustedes son los verdaderos campeones. ¡Gracias!” – Katrina Martinez, School Development Coach

“Thank you NTN teachers for all the hard work you put in day after day.  I have had the great pleasure of working closely with many of you on teacher action research projects and reflecting on school culture data and in each partnership I have seen compassion, thoughtfulness, expertise, and a deep commitment to students.  Thank you NTN teachers!” – Liz Bergeron, Director of Research

“Thank you, NTN teachers! Your passion for the craft of teaching and your commitment to making education more meaningful is inspiring. Stepping into New Tech classrooms to witness your creativity and expertise firsthand is always the highlight of my workday. I appreciate the many different ways you support our students, the network, and each other. Cheers!” – Jessica Sharp, Director of District and School Development