Tales from the Road: Highlights from a Tour of Districts in the League of Innovative Schools

March 31, 2017
Digital Promise

The League of Innovative Schools team had the opportunity to visit multiple districts in the first quarter of 2017 — and we have so much more to see! While the highlights of each of these visits are vast, below are five amazing schools we visited in League districts that are educating students in creative, forward-thinking ways.

Evergreen School District – San Jose, CA

Through a partnership with the New Tech Network, Evergreen School District’s Bulldog Tech is a public middle school, serving 300 students, that emphasizes project-based learning (PBL). At Bulldog Tech, students manage their own time in the absence of bells and meet project deadlines rather than homework completion. To nurture this type of student agency, Bulldog Tech’s Site Director Randy Hollencamp states, “Culture is the secret sauce to the hamburger.Without it, you’re just a school that does PBL and has computers.”

Students are empowered through a culture that emphasizes trust, respect, and responsibility. As a New Tech Network School, Bulldog Tech’s stated goal is to “enable students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, college and the careers of tomorrow.”

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