Students researching water issues

May 8, 2016
Napa Valley Register

My sixth grade students at Redwood Middle School have been working on a project about water issues for the last few months as part of a project-based learning unit. They’ve developed 14 infographics in teams about different water issues (both local and global), including the Flint lead crisis, desalination, the proposed Vallejo cement plant, water waste, the California drought, fracking, etc.

The infographics have been posted on the blog of Tosha Comendant, a local conservation scientist who asked the students to take on this project, including submitting their work to the Register as letters to the editor. The idea is that they are informing their community about the issue they have researched.

Editor’s Note: We have not had the space to publish the letters in our printed edition, but all 14 letters the students submitted (which are quite well written and researched) are available online, along with a link to the infographics and Tosha Comendant’s blog, at

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