Students Create PSA Videos About the Flu

January 18, 2018
Palm Coast Observer

Flagler’s i3 Academy students created public service announcements to help educate the public about the flu virus and the available flu vaccine. The students worked in conjunction with CVS Pharmacy to create the PSA videos. Students learned why antibiotics will not help the symptoms of a virus like the flu and how the flu vaccine works to prevent the influenza virus.

Students presented the PSA videos to two CVS pharmacists, Emily Helpler and Shawn Coates, who judged the student videos to select a winner. The winning group received a prize from CVS. The students from the winning group were: Cesar Aguire, Hannah Butler, Tiyana Jones and Ella Steinwehr. The runner-up group was: Makayla Yingling, Kiersten Demers, Kaylea Bruce and Freya Smith.

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