Students Bring Local History Alive

December 6, 2017
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

On Wednesday, November 29th the Museum hosted the New Tech Media Lit class from Dekalb High School. The class presented Cedar Creek Anthology, a project in which students portrayed influential people from Dekalb County. Students dressed up and maintained a “wax figure” stature until “awakened” by a bell before they gave a short narrative of their chosen character of influence.

A total of 51 students participated, with almost 25% portraying influential people associated with the Auburn Automobile Company. The students clearly worked very hard researching and memorizing their information. Their performance was very impressive and exhibited a depth of understanding of the history they were portraying in character.

The project was a foray into research and a way for students to interact with and demonstrate what they had learned. Local history is an inspirational aspect of the culture of a community and to see high school students so dedicated to sharing that was incredible. The Curatorial staff at the Museum, especially Archives Manager Kelley Brenneman, was able to help curious students explore more information with our unique research materials. This opportunity greatly expands a student’s understanding of how “sourcing” history authenticates and enriches the story.


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