Shadow a Student

Event Date(s) and Time: February 19-March 2
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What does your school look like through a student’s eyes?

Beginning February 19, 2018, school leaders across the world will pack their backpack, throw on sneakers, and immerse themselves in a student’s life for a day. The Shadow a Student Challenge is a fun, illuminating, and supportive journey where school leaders come together to empathize with their students and then take small steps to improve their school. Get ready to meet students at the bus stop, go to their classes, sit with their friends at lunch – gain a real understanding for what it’s like to be a student.

By signing up to participate in the Shadow a Student Challenge website school leaders will receive step-by-step instructions, materials to support their learning and reflection, and tools to help leaders determine how to take their insights and turn them into actionable next steps to improve the lives of students.

Will you join us in this crash-course in empathy and action to improve the lives of students? Click here to learn more and sign up!