Seaford School District to Launch First New Tech Academy in Delaware

January 20, 2011

Delaware’s Seaford School District is opening a new technology-based academic high school. The Delaware New Tech Academy will use a project-based educational model that has been proven successful at more than 60 public schools across the nation.

The Seaford School District will offer students in the state a new kind of high school education when it opens the first New Tech High School in Delaware in August 2011.

The Delaware New Tech Academy will be a “school within a school” at Seaford Senior High School and will offer students a comprehensive academic program featuring Project Based Learning and daily use of computers and technology in the classroom. Designed to mimic a modern business, the Academy requires students to learn and complete projects in a way that prepares them for college and the workplace.

Admission to Delaware New Tech Academy is through an application process. Applications are being accepted through February 1, 2011, for students who will be in 9th and 10th grade next fall. Students entering the program in the fall of 2011 will be able to stay with the program through graduation.

Applications may be downloaded from the Academy’s website: and students from throughout the region may apply. The New Tech High School model has been proven successful at more than 60 public schools across the nation.

It is not a technical or vocational program, but an academic program that teaches 21st Century skills and prepares students for both college and careers.

“Delaware New Tech Academy is a school for the future, available today,” says the Academy’s director, Mrs. Chandra T. Phillips. “Students learn all the material they would learn in a traditional high school program, but the way they learn math, language, science and social studies is different.”