School Districts Interested in “New Technology”

May 19, 2011

Technology and teamwork, for students at New Technology, it’s a winning combination.

Kimberly Trujillo, a student at New Technology High School says”I just wanted to try something different.”

A different approach to learning for this Sioux Falls school…It’s only been open a year, but already the school prides itself on teaching students to be creative, innovative, and that collaboration is key.
The curriculum revolves around projects. First students use technology to work on their own, then they work as a group to put the pieces together.

Trujillo says, “It’s really fun you get to meet everyone there and it just becomes like a family at the end.”
Diana Messick, Principal at New Technology says, “What’s working is we’re really teaching them and bringing them along with 21st century skills, and skills the workplace says are essential for them.”