Rogers New Tech High Showcases Technology Programs

September 6, 2017
5 News KFSM

Rogers New Tech High is leading the way with innovative programs that encourage science and technology. The school also promotes a new project based curriculum and learning environment for students.

“The closest thing I had to a computer was a really old one that my dad kept in the basement, so I had a lot to learn when I got here,” student Gabe Salsbury said. “But I was technologically advanced when I started, so I caught on pretty quick.”

Salsbury is now taking a mobile app development class, which is one the schools newer technology programs. He said having access to the latest technology is a lot to take in.

“In all kinds of movies you see these really complicated technologies and it seems really far out of reach but when I got here and realized I could do it myself,” he said.

Students in the mobile app class get to experiment with self made apps as well as dissecting some of their favorites ones on Apple and Android devices. To encourage collaborative learning, the classrooms are setup in small groups instead of single desks.

“It works really well with our project based learning environment, the students are able to collaborate and so in my classroom we’re able to collaborate in groups of 3 to 6,” said teacher Marie Lothridge.

Representative Jana Della Rosa got to see the technology in action during take your legislator to school day. She said she plans to encourage other districts to take note.

“Game design, drones, and things like that is really where the money is gonna be at going forward. So, I think it’ll benefit the community that they’ll be able to find high paying jobs,” Della Rosa said.

Although the school is a part of the public school system, eighth graders interested in attending have to apply.

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