Project Spotlight: Nutrition and Wellness Culture of Service

December 7, 2016

Lealman Innovation Academy-High School

Teacher: Paulette Goolsby and Barry Hill

Course: Nutrition and Wellness

Ms Goolsby and NTN Coach Kelley McKaig

Mrs. Goolsby and NTN Coach Kelley McKaig


Driving Question: How can we as nutritionists promote a culture of service for helping people with daily nutritional management as well as responding to emergency nutritional needs?

Project Snapshot:

nutrition-carousel-pmIn this project, we will be looking at nutrition from a nutritionist point of view to serve people in meeting daily nutritional goals, as well as responding to emergency nutrition related issues and other health issues. Hurricane Matthew occurred simultaneously and was incorporated to deepen the level of authenticity in this project.  Using Skype, students interviewed Certified Nutritionist Isabelle M. Simon, M.A., C.N., an expert in field of nutrition and wellness. 


This project incorporates personalization in several ways. Learners will choose assignments, deliverables, and use the project management log and calendar to plan how they will complete requirements in the order that works best for them.  The project briefcase in Echo contains information on Hurricane Mathew and is organized by geographic region. Students can pick location and teams and how they want to engage with outputs.

Student Products:

20161201_174637 20161201_174714Students will make recommendations for food to be sent on to victims of Hurricane Matthew.  They will present and conduct interviews with an expert in the field and will analyze nutrients by diagramming and reading food labels. Students will also analyze nutritional requirements and create personal diet plans and journals. As a final product, students can choose to do a ppt, scrapbook or other piece for a final presentation.

 Parent Reflection:

Parent Barbara Bain:

“The students learned how to ask probing questions and increased their interviewing skills.  Both of these skills will be very useful when applying for jobs in their chosen careers. I particularly enjoyed watching the kids quickly adapt from initially being shy and reluctant at the onset of their interview time to being engaging and enjoying the process. I’m very proud of their efforts.” 

Community Reflection:

Community expert Isabelle M. Simon, M.A., C.N.:

nutritionist-skype-rnm“Giving students the opportunity to speak and interact with an expert in the field is undoubtedly priceless, as it allows them to have what’s called ‘primary source’ information, which validates their research efforts, and brings their learning experience up close & personal to real, tangible & relevant life matters. I think conducting interviews live/via skype with an expert in the field gave them a glimpse of a real-life experience.” 

Student Reflections:

“We got to Skype with a real nutritionist and learn how to get fresh water to drink.”

“This project made me feel good/happy because it felt like I was contributing and helping people.”

“As a result of participating in this project, I will try to send food to people that were just in a hurricane or need food.”

“The most challenging part (of the project) was the Nutritionist Interview because I was shy to talk in front of people.”




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