Project Spotlight: Literacy 4 Life

December 14, 2016

Columbus Signature Academy Central Middle School Campus

Teachers: Trisha Burns and Angela Spurgeon

Course: Algebra Ready and English 8

Driving question: How do we promote literacy in our neighborhood?

Project Snapshot

Students raised money, purchased books, and made a bookmark with statistics and strategies for literacy in the home for their chosen Columbus organization.

Student Products

  • Proposal Presentation with their goal amount of money they need to raise and fundraising plan
  • Organize/execute their fundraising plan
  • Book Order Form/How much wrapping paper they will need
  • Bookmark with strategies and statistics for literacy in the home
  • Delivery of  books to identified organization

Teacher Reflection

“It was so nice to see the students be proud of themselves as they hand off the books to the charities. It was also nice to see the organizations’ leaders thank our students and be impressed with how nice the gifts look and the quality of the books.”

Student Reflection

“The literacy for life project was extremely fun in my opinion. Not only did we get to learn but we also got to help people in our community. I think that this is a very beneficial project that should continue to be done in the following years. This project helped me understand the importance of early childhood literacy. It also gave me an opportunity to work with a charity that I really like. My group accomplished a lot I think, I am proud that CSAM8 raised 2,400 dollars to spend entirely on books for the community. I realized that if you work hard you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I also got reminded that helping the community can feel really good.”

“I hope that our community will feel more connected and cared for. I hope that our community will be impacted and grateful for all of the hard work we’ve done to make this possible. I really hope that our whole community is impacted by this.”

“I really enjoy PBL because of all of the projects. But I like even more that most of the projects we do benefit the community. I think that the feeling you get from helping out the community is so great. I always feel more refreshed and happy when we do a project like this, It is a really cool project that I really hope gets continued in the following years.”

 Assessment Example

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