Project Spotlight: Homes for Heroes Project

August 31, 2017

School: Parramatta Marist High School

Teachers: Gina Mari

Course: Visual Arts

Grade: 8

Driving Question:

How can we as artists, raise the awareness of returning soldiers through a series of artworks using the frames and conceptual framework?

Project Snapshot

The students researched war artists and artworks that dealt with war, they created artworks that would take the soldiers minds off the horrors of war that they have seen. They presented them to representatives of the H4H organization who selected 14 works which are going to hang in the homes of the veterans who suffer PTSD, physical disabilities, and homelessness.

Student Products

-Group artwork for the entry event
-In-depth study of an artist and their work
-Visual arts diary online blog on echo-Each group created an artwork each for the end product



Teacher Reflection

-Excellent opportunity for students to give back to the community and recognize the old boys of our school who went to war and those that didn’t make it home.
-The students had a choice in their subject matter and for their artwork took.
-Their artist study formative task educated the students about war, they then had to reinterpret that information into a work that would suit the soldiers who had returned and who are still suffering.
-They created an artists statement and caption for their exhibition, where the groups presented to the H4H representative and the school community.

Student Reflection

-“This project was really fun and definitely the best art project that I have had so far”.
-“Being chosen was a great privilege as I am proud to have my hard work put to such a good cause.
-“Jonathon, the man from H4H, gave us very positive feedback. He said that we had very interesting works and that they were well made. He found the way that I made my sculpture interesting because you wouldn’t normally expect a sculpture made of stocking”.
-“I really enjoyed the night of the exhibition because everyone one liked my sculpture and the parents were giving me great feedback on my sculpture. Jonathan gave me good feedback and he really liked my sculpture so he selected my sculpture”.
-“He ( Jonathon) was really respectful and even though my work never made it to the H4H gallery, I still feel like my work fits in with the H4H expectations and I just really enjoyed making this artwork and I enjoyed the project overall.


Community Reflection

“The Representative, Jonathan from H4H mentioned in his speech, how grateful he was that the students created these outstanding artworks for the veterans. He talked about his company’s goal, which was to fund veterans with living space, and how he came to us for some artworks that could decorate these homes. He talked on behalf of his company, thanking us all, but also on behalf of the veterans. He also spoke of the massive difference the artworks would make to the veterans lives and how the “artworks would turn a house into a home”.


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