Prepared and Confident: My Post-New Tech Journey

April 13, 2017

Danielle Bloss

Hello my name is Danielle Bloss. I was the first class of Niles New Tech and graduated in 2015. I am currently attending Western Michigan University as a Business Entrepreneur Major.

Going into New Tech was a big decision for me. At first, I was a little skeptical not knowing how things were going to be ran but I was very glad that I continued my studies at New Tech. My freshman year was a bit hard. The whole additional wing in which the New Tech Studios were going to be built was not yet finished and school was approaching fast so we had to improvise. After the Studios were done, we began to learn in a new way, the New Tech way.

We learned how to work in groups, we made new relationships, and if someone in the group did not do their work, we could fire them after going through so many steps. We also worked with business partners. One of my favorite projects we did my freshman year was the River Walk project. We got to work in Downtown Niles, making nature signs about different animals along the river. It was my favorite project because we got to give to the community and teach people about what they might see while they are on a walk along the river.

Throughout my New Tech career, we did so many projects that helped the community and helped New Tech become a better school for future students. I loved how the school was ran. If you ever needed something, a facilitator was there for you. They were there if you needed extra help on school work or if you needed someone to talk to because you were having a bad day.

Going to a New Tech School benefited me so much more than a traditional high school even though I did go to a traditional high school for half a day. New Tech taught me how to be confident when giving presentations, it taught me how to work with people even when you may not like them. New Tech taught me real life situations and how to be professional when you are talking to business partners or future employers. I use these skills every day at Western Michigan University. Since I am going to be a business major, I am going to have to talk to many businesses and potently employers. With the skills that New Tech provided me with, things like this will be natural. I won’t have to second guess myself because I know what I am doing and I have confidence in myself. New Tech is a wonderful school and I loved every minute of it.

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