Parents Attend High School, Too

January 26, 2012
Lydia Dobyns

Lydia Dobyns

My recent blog on school culture struck more than a few chords among readers eager to have the role of parents included in the education dialogue. Parents ARE critical role models for students. In a way, parents go to high school, too. But the role of the parent is complicated. I decided to go “to the source” — and ask parents about their current experience with high school.

Emily emerges from her shell

Emily, a junior in Danville, Illinois, was particularly shy in school and it affected every aspect of her high school experience. According to her mother, Lisa Bueter, Emily had a core group of friends and found it difficult to branch out beyond that group — that is, until she started at Danville New Tech. “Emily’s experience at New Tech has been wonderful,” said Lisa. “She had struggled a bit in the traditional high school setting, but is really thriving in the culture at New Tech.”

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