NTN Schools Earn 1st and 2nd place in MyParty16 Election Project

November 8, 2016

If you ever feel like today’s students are apathetic towards politics, the success of the MyParty16 Election project should change your mind.

With over 2000 students in 24 participating schools (half of the schools being New Tech Network schools) from 11 different states and an international school in Seoul, Korea, students nation-wide were engaged in the 2016 election through the MyParty16 Election Project. In this PBL unit, students studied the U.S. election process by creating their own political parties based on a few core issues. To persuade voters, students created a 30-second campaign ad around one of their core platform beliefs and then held “primary” elections in their school. All “primary” winner from each school are then invited to compete against other schools across the country through themypartyelection.org web site.

We are so proud to announce that Compass Academy group, Fed Up With The Federal Government Party (FFG), earned 1st place overall and the Rocket New Tech group, The All-Tomorrow Party, earned 2nd place.

View their videos here:

Congratulations to all the schools who participated in this impactful project! You can view the remaining videos here.