NTN Leadership Summit-Spring

February 22, 2017

Spring Leadership Summit 2017

Student-Centered Leadership: Connecting Purpose, Culture, and Learning

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Check out the PL @ NTN event center to learn more. This is for New Tech Network leaders only please.

February 22 – 24
The Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Student learning is the heart of our work. A key pillar in New Tech Network’s model is a focus on researched-based “outcomes that matter” to guide our schools’ support of students and their long-term success. In addition to content knowledge and thinking, these student learning outcomes include collaboration, communication (written and oral), and agency. The degree to which these outcomes are achieved is directly influenced by the leader’s capacity for building a culture that reflects shared beliefs and values, engenders collective trust, and supports continuous improvement of teaching and learning. Join us in Dallas to learn alongside other New Tech Network leaders where you will collaborate, share ideas, and walk away with new tools for leading a learning-focused organization.

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