NTAC 2018 App


The NTAC App is Live!

We are getting excited about NTAC coming up in a few weeks and want you to be prepared for an awesome week of learning! Each week over the course of the next few weeks we will send you some tips and updates to help you get ready for NTAC so look for an email in your inbox every Tuesday.

Looking for your one-stop resource for NTAC? Check out the NTAC app, now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

This year’s mobile app for is going to be awesome! Here are just a few benefits and reasons why you don’t want to miss out on the app:

  • Access the event schedule and customize your agenda with personal appointments and sessions you plan to attend
  • See all the speakers and read their bios
  • Get important updates and exciting offers through the app through Push Notifications
  • See who’s attending and share contact information by networking with other attendees

To access the full features of the app we highly recommend logging in to the app. Watch your email for an invitation from the NTAC Planning Team with instructions on how to download and log in.

Can’t wait for the email? To access the NTAC app search for CrowdCompass AttendeeHub in the App Store or Google Play. Once loaded on your device search for NTAC 2018. You will only need to do that one time. Note that the icon on your device will be the AttendeeHub icon, not the NTN branded icon. Once you have downloaded make sure you log in to the app so it will sync with Braindate.

You can also search for NTN Events in the App Store and Google Play Store. It will display last year’s theme in the store but will reflect the current event when opened. If you still have the NTN Events app on your phone it should offer NTAC 2018 as an option. New Tech Network is making an effort to minimize our environmental impact so will not be providing a printed agenda this year. We encourage all attendees to download the app to their mobile device or access it on your laptop.

Click here to access the web version of the NTAC 2018 app.


Braindate Reminder

Ready, Set, Braindate!

You’re coming to NTAC 2018 to meet great people and learn new things. This year, we’ve launched a special initiative to cultivate the fact that every single participant has valuable knowledge that deserves to be uncovered, shared and tapped into.

It’s called Braindate, an experience that fosters knowledge sharing through one-on-one and group conversations. In other words, Braindates will activate the collective genius of our participant community so that everyone can benefit.

Learn more here!

Are you Echo ready? Is your Tech Prepped?

Now it’s time get yourself Echo ready!

We have some tips and next steps for you to make sure your Echo account is tuned up and ready to go at NTAC.

Are you new to New Tech?

  • You should have an Echo account by now and have logged in to the Teacher app.  If not, please reach out to your school leader to get set up ASAP!
  • We will be hitting the ground running so be sure you have completed the Echo101 course for teachers before NTAC.
  • If you need an Echo account or to be enrolled in the Echo 101 course, contact your school’s Echo Administrator.

For New and Returning Staff:

  • Take a few minutes to fill out your Echo profile. It’s a great way to get connected to others in the network. Click to learn how.
  • We’ve created several Community Groups in Echo for hot topics and themes. Filter for “NTN” to find them and then join one that resonates with you. Don’t see a group that meets your needs? Consider making one of your own and inviting others to join. Click to learn how.

Want to learn more before you get to NTAC? Here are some helpful videos to get you started!

And don’t forget to come visit the Echo team in the Echo Lounge located in the Atrium, Level 2.You can earn prizes for completing fun challenges, get your questions answered, and share your ideas with others. The lounge will be open Friday, 2:00-6:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday during regular conference hours.

Prep Your Tech!

As you might guess, technology plays a lead role at NTAC and we want to make sure your tech is tuned up and ready to go before you get to St. Louis. Below are some tips and best practices to make sure you and your laptop are primed for learning.

Because many sessions will use Echo to deliver session materials and model classroom scenarios, please make sure of the following:

  • You have more than one browser on your laptop and they are updated to the latest release. – See below. (Echo is not optimized for smaller mobile devices. This means that your tablet or phone are not the best tools for Echo.)
  • You are comfortable joining a new WiFi network on your laptop at a location outside your workplace or home. Need help with this? Click here for help for Mac and here for help with a PC.
  • You know your Echo login credentials. (Don’t remember your login or password? Contact the Echo Administrator at your school.)


Echo is a browser-based application and supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 
  • Mozilla Firefox 
  • Apple Safari 
  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 

Every year a small number of NTAC attendees are unable to access Echo because their Technology team has prohibited access to Echo once outside their school’s network. By conducting a quick experiment at your local WiFi-enabled coffee shop (Starbucks, anyone?), you can determine whether you’ll have easy access to Echo or whether you’ll need to work with your Tech team – because NTAC staff will be unable to lift those restrictions.


The NTAC Team want to make sure that your tech experience is a smooth one so take a few minutes and make sure your tech is ready to go!

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