NPR’s ‘Science Friday’ show features Napa student’s ‘Frankenstein’ commentary

February 9, 2018
Napa Valley Register

New Technology High School sophomore Tony Gonzalez spoke on air with NPR “Science Friday” host Ira Flatow last week as part of the Science Friday Book Club’s reading of “Frankenstein.”

Chris Bach and Tom Serene, the co-teachers of the World Studies class at New Tech, asked their students to call and record a statement in response to the Book Club’s question: “Do you see any parallels between Frankenstein and science today?”

Tony called every day for two weeks and got the attention of “‘Science Friday” producer Christie Taylor, who then invited Tony on air on Feb. 2 to speak to the show’s national audience.

Tony said, “I called in to get help at first, but then I wanted to share my work and ideas.”

Tony and his fellow World Studies students read “Frankenstein,” the 19th century British novel by Mary Shelley about a scientific experiment gone awry, and discussed the ethics of contemporary scientific innovations as part of the “Frankenstein and the Ethics of Progress” project.

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