New Tech Students Create Contest Videos For International Organization

January 19, 2017

Students at New Technology High School in Sioux Falls are used to solving problems in the community. Now, an international organization is asking for their help.

For years, the Optimists International organization had received written essays from students who have a passion for service. Now the group is reaching out to Sioux Falls’ tech-based high school for new contest ideas, this time involving video.

“We’re a perfect school for this. We’re a perfect class for that because it’s new technology. We work with it everyday. And so they thought it would really be a good fit,” said freshman Hope Spade.

Students presented their contest proposals at a gathering of Sioux Valley Optimists who will select one video to move on to a national competition. Jordan Dierkson is one of those students.

“I wanted to give them the message that we’re professional. We do know what we’re doing, we do have all of the gaps covered. We have exactly what you want, so you should choose us,” said Dierkson.

His message to encourage volunteerism is simple.

“Just helping somebody cross the street, it really builds character in one of the easiest ways possible by just giving your time and doing something as simple as walking a dog or putting soup in a bowl,” said Dierkson.

His classmate Hope Spade agreed.

“I see it changing us everyday when someone gives a tour, or someone helps with SALSA. And so I do think it really is becoming the norm,” said Spade.

Optimist Rich Jensen said he’s been blown away by the students’ drive to help others.

“I think the kids that I’ve met have shown me that our future, especially in Sioux Falls, is in really good hands,” said Jensen.