New Tech Odessa Teaches Skills to Compete in the Global World

April 1, 2011

ODESSA–The teaching curriculum actually encourages students to use laptops, smart phones and the Internet to get their assignments done.

The building located at 300 East 29th opened as the Career Center. Recently it became the Advanced Technologies Center. Starting in August, students, faculty and staff will be calling it New Tech High School.

Some of their teaching methods may be different from regular high schools but the incentives they offer appeal to almost everyone.

“We are talking about smart phones. We are talking about Internet access 24 hours a day. This generation doesn’t know a world, outside of that,” Adrian Vega, Principal of New Tech in Odessa, said.

It’s that technology that Vega says, they are embracing and building their instruction around. Kids may already have it when they come into school, but the question is, are they literate?

“Digital literacy, collaboration, presentation skills, because in the real world, technically, we have to work with others. We need to know how to collaborate. We need to know how to use technology,” Vega explained.