New Tech Network Visits River School

January 26, 2017
River School

Earlier this month, River School hosted New Tech Network guests from all over the country. This was an opportunity to be within the classroom and hear from our students and staff. We feel fortunate to be a part of New Tech Network and to share our program. Our students shine!

“Visiting with the staff and learners at your school was an inspiring experience for our team.  From student panelists to teachers with whom we spoke, the intentions of your school to support a diverse curriculum for all learners was clear.  

We appreciated students’ excitement to share not only about the projects and learning with which they are currently engaged, but to share about courses and learning they are looking forward to in the future.  

The sense of community was felt by all of us and we share our deepest gratitude for inviting us to be a part of your learning community!”

Megan Pacheco, Chief Learning Officer

New Tech Network™