June 15, 2011

Napa, California – June 15, 2011 – New Tech Network (New Tech) today announced that it will achieve nearly 50 percent growth for the 2011-2012 school year, expanding to more than 85 public schools in 16 states nationwide.

New Tech works with schools, districts, and communities to integrate its transformative approach to learning in public high schools across the country. Teachers in New Tech high schools design rigorous, real-world projects tied to state and district standards that are deeply integrated with technology to create a learning environment that is relevant and engaging for students.

First introduced in Napa, California in 1996, New Tech is emerging now as one of the fastest-growing approaches to transforming high school education in the U.S. New Tech is currently in 62 public schools in 14 states, including Texas, California, New York, North Carolina, and Indiana, and will have more than 25,000 students by September 2011.

Indiana leads the nation in the number of New Tech high schools with 16 currently in operation, and will add three more high schools this fall for a state-wide total of 19.

“Indiana is proud to lead the nation in the number of New Tech schools. These schools make our students better equipped to compete in the global job market they will enter after graduation,” said Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. “Preparing the next generation of American workers has required us to rethink the modern classroom so our kids will work harder, learn more, and be prepared to lead tomorrow’s workforce. Students at these schools are reshaping education and our state will continue to lead with the addition of more New Tech schools in the future.”