New Tech High School To Open In Odessa

Odessa, Texas- A new school is opening in the basin with a unique approach to education. ECISD is introducing their newest high school that has a new approach to educating students, focusing on the ‘high tech’ world we live in today.

“The school board voted 7 to 10 to begin a new tech high school next fall,” said Randy Tally, ECISD executive director for special projects.

Educators say this model of education is where academics is heading.

“It’s developing those skills that they are going to need in the 21st. Century, not only in college but in the workplace.”

The school is called “New Tech High,” and will be housed in the Advanced Technology Center in Odessa. The curriculum will be project-based and utilize technology in every aspect.

“Students at new tech will work in groups, everything they do will be designed around a project,” said Tally.

Tally says that they are trying to be innovative when it comes to education.

“We’ve been doing schools in the U.S. the same way today that we did 50 years ago. Kids have changed, technology has changed and the skills needed are much different,” said Tally.