NASA Scientist Encourages STEM at New Tech high school

January 19, 2018

A chief scientist from NASA gave a presentation at the new tech high school in Nipomo Friday afternoon, encouraging students to get involved in STEM.

Staff members say NASA’s Albion Bowers is a STEM supporter, and has spoken at other schools in the area, but not the Central Coast New Tech High School.

Bowers explained the background of NASA by showing photos of space missions and equipment they’ve used, putting an emphasis on the importance of continuing education, and how it can even lead to an internship at NASA.

“It opens their eyes to new boundaries; new horizons that they can stretch for and things they didn’t even realize were there, and just exciting and cool technology that’s out there,” Bowers said.

Some of his students are currently working on projects that require they look “into the depths of space.” Students interested in internships at NASA should apply after graduation.

One of the pieces he showed was a deep space probe on Jupiter, along with one that crashed into Saturn.

STEM education focuses on science, technology, engineering and math.

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