Model Schools

February 9, 2017
LVenture School Initiative

The majority of the most advanced and successful implementations of student-directed learning are in independent schools or networks of schools started from scratch.  These were started by visionary leaders who noted that we need to engage kids in authentic learning that interests them and nurture them to be independent problem solvers.  These leaders had no qualms leaving behind traditional education and creating new learning environments based on experience and the latest brain research.

Some of the best models are part of the Deeper Learning Network set up by the Hewlett Foundation (see under resources).  Four are highlighted here.  Note that the implementations at the different schools vary in substantial ways.  Nevertheless, all have in common a more student-directed and authentic form of learning, often project-based.

The videos below attempt to capture the learning approach at each of the respective schools.  However, it is really difficult to fully grasp the excitement and engagement of the students without an actual visit.  Educators who visit these schools won’t believe how motivated and serious the students are and how they truly take ownership for their own learning. Read more…

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