What Makes a Great School?

January 14, 2014


It’s the teachers!! But more specifically I am coming to realize that it is the team of teachers as they work as a unit to accomplish the goals they have collaboratively set for themselves, their school, and their students.  That is something that I have seen and am blessed to be a part of – a team of educators who function as a team.  Many times we may talk about the team mentality however that may not translate to all teachers moving in the same direction at once.

I believe at RogersNTHS we are in the initial stages of seeing a high school faculty all moving in the same direction.  What proof can I offer, you ask?  How about teachers who know students whether or not they are in their class?  How about a continual reflection on grading practices, how to help individual students be successful and constantly looking for the next ‘cool idea’ to get students involved in their own learning?  Teachers who are less interested in taking a road heavily traveled than they are in creating (and facilitating) an experience that is good for learners.

In the last semester, I have seen these high school educational facilitators embrace ideas that include standards-based grading, looping in the humanities, and team teaching across varied disciplines.  These tasks are not easy and working in an environment that asks both students and teachers to learn alongside each other they have embraced the challenge.  I am proud of my colleagues, their hard work and their dedication.  I am proud to be on their educational team.  The parents and students at RogersNTHS could not ask for a better team of teachers and I heartily look forward to the second half!!

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