Looking back at a #PBL based high school career

December 1, 2014

A PB and J without bread would be rather gross to eat. A car without any wheels wouldn’t get you very far. A pencil with no graphite would be pointless. And this school without PBL just wouldn’t make sense. Throughout every grade, class, and topic project based learning drives every student to go further and to learn more. Each project is its own individual thing shifting and changing as the people in it discover and learn.
When a project begins it’s like getting a brand new toy during the holidays. You’re a little nervous and very excited to see what it could be. As you unwrap it you begin to see bits and pieces of it and the final idea forms in your mind. Oftentimes it’s necessary to read the instruction manual but in the end you know that actually playing with it is the best way to learn what it can do. By the end of the project you might not know everything about it, you might have taken a different path than you first expected, and you might have to work with people you aren’t too fond of but in the end you know you did hard work, gained new experience, and you are proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

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