Leah Henry, NTN School Development Coach

August 3, 2017

Humans of NTN: Leah Henry, NTN School Development Coach


“After my sister’s death, I wanted everything to have a purpose. I got an offer to teach at the second worst school district in Indiana. It was my chance to make a difference and be a light. Instead they ended up shining a light on all my weaknesses.

All the spheres of influence in my life came together in that moment and pushed me to improve. I realized that I could use quality instruction within a PBL framework where students knew why they were learning. We did community connections and volunteered. You had to work hard to get students to places where they could have experiences that would result in deeper learning. I had to develop relationships and trust with them and their families. We were trying to help all our students do better than their parents and fulfill the American dream. Those kids had never experienced that kind of school community before.”