Junior Year has been, in a word…Woah

January 22, 2015

Posted by Emmy Ryder on January 22nd, 2015


If I were to say Junior year has been perfect, and lovely, and everything I could have hoped for in a semester I would be lying straight to your eyeballs. Junior Year has been, in a word…Woah.
The biggest “shock” I’ve had with Junior year is the change in mindset about school. Before this year, I’ve been a straight A student (not that grades should define who I am). I’ve struggled with a few concepts here and there but overall have done very well in my classes. This is the first year I have struggled with a course as a whole. Tears were shed, and discouragement ensued. I did not end up with the grade I wanted, but it was a learning experience. Not only did I learn a few things about statistics, but I learned about myself. I learned that I am not invincible. Not everything is going to come easy, and I’m not going to love every aspect of education.
With  the new semester beginning tomorrow, I’m going to try a few new things. First off, I need to learn to say no. I love doing extra-curricular activities, and I love doing extra presentations, extra activities and other favors. However, the amount I sleep, and the amount of time spent on school work has suffered. I need to work on prioritizing my work and scheduling my day better. Opportunities will come around again, and hopefully when they do I will be better prepared.
I’ve been looking into options for my future that I never would have thought of before. I’ve been told by former teachers and my counselor that a big public university is the best choice for me. Move away, stop playing sports, go to an honors college, the likes. I’ve been listening to them. Researching top universities in Michigan, comparing my GPA to averages at colleges like Central Michigan, and University of Michigan. It was a few days ago I realized, this is my future, and I’ll do what I want. I’ve been looking into smaller colleges, and places where I could potentially play hockey. Aquinas has recently added their Women’s Hockey team (starting in 2015) and is close to home. They have an accredited education program, and are willing to offer me amazing scholarships.

This is my future, I’ll do what I want. (someone remind me of this if I lose sight of it)

A place I really surprised myself at was at Hockey. Before this year I never would have seen myself playing hockey past high school. Compared to myself last year, I have improved a great amount. I’m skating backwards, stick handling, and shooting like never before. I’m the top scoring player on my Girl’s league, and among the top five scorers on my Co-Ed league. I’ve been looking into skills camps, and activities I can do off-ice to improve my game. I would love more than anything to play hockey in college. It may be on a recreational league, or it may be on a legitimate league. Either way, I will be just as in love with the game then as I am now.

This semester I am going to:

  • Prioritize
  • Be Myself
  • Learn

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