Hungry to Learn

February 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy Projects Keep Learning Real

What is it about reality TV? Seems we’re all fixated on it. Just a quick glance at the TV listings and magazines which abound with all sorts of “reality” shows and their stars, and we see just how much we’re attracted to content we find “real.” Whether or not you think this is reality, it clearly resonates with a broad section of society. It’s not any different for today’s high school students. They want what they study to feel relevant. They don’t want passive ‘sit and listen’ learning. They want to be engaged by learning challenges that call for them to produce stuff they can build on and mix in music and video, and create original content, including games. Rigorous project based learning (PBL) accomplishes this goal of providing students with assignments that are interesting and intriguing, while, at the same time, being relevant and challenging. Teachers can develop projects that track to state standards while engaging students. Read More