How to Succeed in Life…

May 1, 2015
Lydia Dobyns

Lydia Dobyns

Success in life can be viewed from two perspectives ─ top down or bottom up. We took a look at the school’s role in the top down approach in Part 1 of this 2-part series on the “Workforce of the Future” and discussed tomorrow’s job skills and the need to teach students to ‘learn how to learn’ as a critical guiding principle of learning.

We frequently hear what teachers and administrators think are the best paths for students to follow. How often do we put the students’ perspectives about their future at the center of the public education debate?

I recently had the chance to talk with a graduate from one of the New Tech Network public district high schools. Griffin Sinn is a 21-year-old senior enrolled at Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington, Indiana, majoring in public financial management. He’s also an accomplished entrepreneur with five patent-pending products.

Griffin is a 2012 graduate of Bloomington New Tech High School and credits his high school education with helping him develop the workforce skills that have directly contributed to his early career success in his various business endeavors.

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