Hope for the Community Tool

June 22, 2017

Lindsey Risner, Echo Engagement Manager

The last day of school this year was bittersweet. It signals my last day as an elementary teacher and the beginning of my job as the Echo Engagement Manager at New Tech Network.

I will miss all of my kiddos but I am excited to launch into my new job. In fact, I am more than excited, I have hope!

At NTN, we are creating a network of educators that share, collaborate and learn from one another. We are proud of the learning opportunities we provide in support of our schools, and we recognize that without connecting educator’s directly to each other, we become an obstacle for learning and innovation from teacher to teacher.

Before I can share our hopes for the “Community Tool” and what it means for the collaborative future of the Network, I feel that I should tell you a little bit about it…

What is the “Community Tool”?

The community tool is a space that lives in Echo. This tool is designed for making connections and allows for collaboration amongst all staff who are a part of the Network. Here we can share projects, resources and ideas. We can create and find groups that can be used to share with others who teach like subjects, grade levels and more.

Now that you know what the “Community Tool” is, let me tell you the hopes we have for it.

One of the questions our network is facing is how do we continue to grow and learn as facilitators so that we can support our students using the PBL instructional model? Our hope is that members of the Network use the community tool to make connections with others!

Within this tool you can:

  • Create a group/Join a group
    • invite others to join
    • share ideas through conversations
    • share resources you use
    • discuss project ideas
    • co-create projects
  • Share Projects
  • Search Activities
  • Search Resources

How do I get started?

Start by completely filling out your profile!


Search other facilitators by grade level, subject area or name!



Bookmark people you’d like to connect with!



Next, SHARE!!! Share your resources, activities and projects to the New Tech Community!

Want to learn more? Check out the latest Echo tutorials:

Coming to NTAC?

  • Join us at our “How to use the Community Tool” session in room 120!
  • Join us in the Echo lounge for guided learning on how to use the community tool and more!

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