Project Spotlight-Hoosier Veterans’ Consortium

May 22, 2018

A Best-in-Network 2018 Finalist


New Tech Institute

Teachers: Ryan Jones & Bonnie Alcorn

Course: English and American History

Grade: 9

Driving Question:

What do combat veterans and their families experience during war and after returning home?

Project Snapshot

This project began as a historical fiction scrapbook that students developed in Innovative Perspectives, an English and U.S. History combined course. Over the past 7 years, it has grown into a project where students learn about five different wars, create a historical fiction scrapbook, volunteer at the newly-created Evansville Wartime Museum, and interview/transcribe interviews from veterans.  

Student Products

*Students created historically fictional scenarios
*Students interview combat veterans and transcribe their first-hand accounts to send to families and Library of Congress Archives

Teacher Reflection

In Evansville, we have a strong heritage of pride in defending our country. Our school mascot is the Thunderbolt because we are down the highway from the plant that produced over six thousand  P47’s, which is more than all other plants together.  That fact, along with 86 other war contracts in our city put Evansville on a “hitlist”.

This project was engaging with a strong connection to the community.

Reviewers Reflection

“I like how applicable the work was to the local community.  I love that their work will be preserved in the Library of Congress.  I like how there was a connection to understanding why the school mascot is the Thunderbolts–building the relevance of studying the past to present day connections.”

“I like how much the project involves so many people in the community. I like how the assessment opportunities are real world and applicable to so many standards.”

“I can not speak highly enough about this project! I loved the integration of the two courses. I loved that you included the veterans and the museum staff into the project. The final products were amazing. Your echo layout was just awesome. Great job on creating one of the most authentic projects I have seen yet.”


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