Help Bring NTN to SXSWedu

August 11, 2017

We need your help to bring NTN to SxSWedu!

Panels are selected based on popular vote. Would you mind taking a few minutes to vote for sessions that feature New Tech staff?

If you do not have a SXSWedu account, you will need to register (very quickly) and then each of the links below takes you right to the place to vote (just click thumbs up).

Please also consider sharing this blog post with colleagues who are passionate about school improvement and education reform.  We want more people to know about the great work taking place in NTN classrooms and schools.


Why Innovate Alone? Harness the Power of Networks – Click to Vote
NTN’s Lydia Dobyns joins Getting Smart’s Tom Vander Ark and Big Picture Learning’s Carlos Moreno to talk about the innovative power of networks.


The Struggle is Real — Rural, High Poverty Districts – Click to Vote
NTN’s Kristin Cuilla joins Colleton County High School Superintendent Franklin Foster and Principal Melissa Crosby to discuss meeting the needs of rural, high poverty districts.


Opportunity vs. Achievement: Framing the Gap – Click to Vote
Discuss the opportunity gap with NTN’s Jim May and Christian Quintero, Los Angeles School of Global Studies Principal.


Liberate from the Sham: Reimagine Your Curriculum – Click to Vote
NTN’s Alix Horton, Matt Thompson and Jodi Posadas on taking an intentional approach to curriculum design.


 Authenticity: The Long List Silver Bullet – Click to Vote
Christian Quintero, Los Angeles School of Global Studies Principal, joins NTN’s Jodi Posadas and Matt Thompson to discuss how authenticity is the most powerful enabler for improving learning.


Scaffolding for Equity: Quality Teaching for All – Click to Vote
NTN’s Alix Horton and Jodi Posadas on how to ensure quality, culturally responsive scaffolding in the classroom.


Thank you in advance for your support. Voting is open through August 25th, and we appreciate any support you can give to our sessions.