Graduation Advantage Persists for Students in Deeper Learning Network High Schools

August 9, 2016
Schools Updated Findings From the Study of Deeper Learning: Opportunities and Outcomes


Can deeper learning approaches lead to higher graduation rates? A second round of graduation data from the Study of Deeper Learning: Opportunities and Outcomes suggests that perhaps they can.

According to the National Research Council (2012), “deeper learning” enables a student to transfer her knowledge and skills from one situation to another. The term also is used to refer to learning that results in a combination of cognitive competencies (mastery of content knowledge and complex problem-solving skills), interpersonal skills (such as communication and collaboration), and intrapersonal competencies and dispositions (such as learning how to learn and academic mindsets).

Consistent with the findings from the original Study of Deeper Learning, newly completed analyses including additional school pairs and an additional cohort of students find a graduation rate advantage of 8 percentage points for students in participating deeper learning network high schools compared with similar students in matched non-network high schools.

Graduation Adv Persists

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