GR8 Job: Cross County students donate to local food banks

August 16, 2017

A Region 8 school kicked off the school year by giving back to those in need.

Cross County High School recently donated canned goods to two food pantries.

It was all part of orientation for students in seventh through twelfth grade.

Teresa Fuller, Cross County High School teacher, told Region 8 News the high school is a New Tech School that functions on the three pillars of trust, respect, and responsibility.

The orientation course each year focuses on teaching new students and reminding previous students those values.

This year each class was required to build a structure out of canned food items that represented their class.

Students brought canned goods, built their structures, and then donated the canned goods to food banks in Cherry Valley and Hickory Ridge.

This activity coincided with the volunteer hours students are required to get. Each student must complete 12 hours a year to graduate.

Fuller said the canned food drive was a way to kick off a year of service.

The Hickory Ridge food pantry told Fuller the shelves were nearly empty before they received school’s donation.

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