Goshen schools set up new tech program

August 11, 2016
It’s an innovative initiative to promote hands on learning and real-world experiences.Goshen’s New Tech Program is already set up in several schools.

Fifth graders at Model School are getting acquainted with iPads in the classroom. It’s part of a program to use inquiry based learning.

Renee Mano has been bringing teachers at model up to speed on how to implement it. She is the district’s new tech coach.

“It’s problem-based learning and project-based learning, which focuses on real world scenarios. It focuses on collaboration, written and oral communication,” said Mano.Students use English, Math, Science and Social Studies to be a part of it.

“With this, one of the biggest things is with group work. In the real world as they get older, they are going to have to work with others and be able to get along with them,” said fifth grade teacher, Eric Wolfe.”Project-based learning is learning where the kids get to research and learn at their level of what they are interested in and kind of take it to the depth that the students want to learn the material in,” said fifth grade teacher, Michelle Eckelbarger.The technology plays a big role in the new program. Students learn how to use it with other students and work together on common goals and projects along the way.

“We believe that a huge piece of our world right now is technology and our kids are learning how to run the technology and how to use that effectively. So model has now gone to one to one computing. Our goal is to have at least four projects that last around four to six weeks each year,” said teacher, Lisa Younghans.

Students and teachers say they like what they see and where it is headed.

A similar program is underway at Goshen Middle School. Students there are using the new Mac Airbook — a very thin lap top.

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